We Fix Windows

Homes, Storefronts, Skylights & Mirrors


Home Windows

Installing energy efficient windows that bring down your electric bill and bring an incredible asthetic that makes your exterior look great!

Shower Doors

Proper enclosure for your bathroom shower is one of our specialities. We will caulk, seal and make sure that your shower doors are secure.


We have installed many different forms of mirrors. Some that span the length of a gym as well as bathroom mirrors.


We’ve done storefronts for many restauraunts, car dealerships and offices through out the eastside of Seattle.


Great for creating more light throughout your living room, kitchen and bathroom. Save your money on your energy bill.


Great for offices and indoor gardens. Gives your room more a feel of being outside. Brings in much more light.

“We can charge a little less than the other guys because our business is small and our overhead is low. Same materials, same sound quality, same warranties. You don’t stay in business for over twenty years unless you’re doing things well and treating people right”

Curtis Yunker, Owner

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